The Wishbone

by wishbone dog supplies

Don't let struggling with waste bags get you frustrated on walks. The Wishbone is a 100% silicone grip that makes opening dog waste bags a breeze without licking your fingers!

• No more frustration - makes all poop bags easier to open just pinch and rub naturally
• Hygienic - No need to lick your fingers to open stubborn bags
Take it with you - The aluminum carabiner clip makes it easy to attach to a leash or keys
• Multipurpose - Also great for grocery produce bags
• Reliable - The wishbone is durable silicone rubber that doesn't easily rip or tear

The Wishbone currently sells for $6.99 on Amazon and is Prime Eligible.

Product Details
UPC: 0698869607500
Material: Silicone, Aluminum
Origin: China

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